Welcome to my first blog! To stay updated daily, find me on instagram @LittleBrownnSuitcase ! I post new and custom items errrday! 

Recently I just added some perfect pieces to my shop like ornaments, socks, and hats! I love creating new and custom items all the time. My specialty is creating large bulk orders for bride tribes/squads/babes/etc! 


November is a HUGE month for LBS . This coming week I am involved in a special moody styled shoot with my good friend @KatiePritchard aka theee most amazing wedding photographer ! She is an editorial assistant for @GreenWeddingShoes aka the site that most of your pins are probably from! They feature all types of ideas, actual weddings, and DIY's for all types of brides around the world! I have also committed to some secret projects I can't share until December! 

BLACK FRIDAY! You already know! TEAMLBS is working really hard to create some awesome new items at hugely discounted prices for Black Friday! Keep an eye out, we will be announcing in a few weeks! You don't wanna miss this sale!


I am also officially going FULL TIME with LittleBrownnSuitcase. I have been contemplating this major decision for the past year. I actually landed an amazing position this year working with at risk teens which has pretty much been my dream career/passion since I can remember! I worked my butt off through college and through un-fulfilling jobs to get here. I have recently realized that my passions have changed. I used to think my end goal was opening up my own teen center and helping underprivileged kids get to college, but now that I do just that, I feel that I have reached my cap and I have fullfilled my passion. I believe that I have given my all in reaching this goal, and it has been reached.  I have also come to realize that this is OKAY! Who says you're only allowed one passion in life? I have opened my mind and heart and I am sooooo ready to put 200% towards my business and dedicate my full attention to all of YOU! As of November 18th, I am officially a full time business owner+designer of LittleBrownnSuitcase. Ahhh, tears of joy! I am feeling tons of emotions as the days grow closer; fear, anxiety, sadness, joy, excitement, motivation, etc.  

I want to thank everyone for the continuous support of LBS's growth! To all my ride or die LBSbabes who have been with me since I sewed my first kimono to now providing service to brides around the country, THANK YOU. I have tons of love for you all! 


I have special love for many people in my life who have been right by my side since the beginning of my journey. I am going to try to mention you all, if I don't you know who you are! 

First, Jawnos, my fiancé, my heart, my soul, my partner, and my number one fan. I love you and I appreciate your love and support for the past 10.5 years. Thank you for supporting me through all my days/nights where I'm so tired I just cry, through all the nights i've stayed up after midnight working and I don't get to spend time with you, and for always supporting my new and crazy ideas, and reminding me of my motivation and how far I've come and to not fear anything. I can't thank you enough. I can't wait to marry you! 

To my Grama Connie, for always reminding me that everything I do will always be worth something. I love you beyond words can even express! You have helped create  who I am today, and I will always remember that. 

To my family, for keeping me on track all of these years and for standing by me through all of my crazy decisions and commitments. 

To Tina, Eddie, Jenevy, and the rest of my second family, I love you all, for everything you have done for me the past 10.5 years. For feeding me, housing me, and loving me unconditionally even when it wasn't your choice! :)

Jackie..for always encouraging me to be ME. and to never back down from life and to always live laugh and love!

To my soul sisters, BV+Ariel, the two who have seen and been through it all right by my side. Theres a reason I have two maid of honors. Through thick and thin literally. From sewing our little fingers off to lifting 50 boxes of mugs up and down the stairs into my tiny room. Picking decals and random last minute quick trips to LA. From the softball field to the altar.. (omg) I can't thank you two enough. My love for you both is unexplainable and I can never repay you for everything you two have done and continuosly do for me. 

To My FRIENDS who have become FAMILY, to name a few.. BMO, Steph, Jac, Rae, Skim, Joscie, Bere, Katie, Toya etc. I love you all! You all have continuously supported me in every way possible throughout our years together! Softball Fields, College, Middle School, New Friendships, Fun Times, Disneyland, LBS, and my life just to name a few. I love reflecting on the amazing memories I have with you all.

TeamLBS BV, Ariel, Jenevy, Steph, Jac,Jasmine, Poca, and Jawnos, thank you for all the long days and nights of working our asses off! i may be a BOSSzilla at times, but i know you all forgive me and still stand by me day in and out! I would be lost without you all.I love you all. thank you.

Anyway.. my point is THANK YOU. I will continue to stay motivated and to work hard. When you're having fun, it doesn't feel like work. I am forever grateful for the people in my life. 

Now lets get to work!



Owner+Designer of LittleBrownnSuitcase